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holistic & in-depth

with Sabina Lee

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it is my intention to

utilize astrology as a spiritual and practical tool to guide you toward greater self-awareness, validation,

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healing, and growth. it provides a holistic and metaphysical landscape that reveals layers of potential. my approach is through dialogue and getting to the core of matters. it may be experienced as therapeutic.

Choose A Reading

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Individual or Group


A deep dive into the planets, signs & houses, and all

aspects in between!

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An exploration of where the planets are currently and how that is reflected personally.

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Wedding Reading

A specific & unique

tri-wheel chart for weddings, including two people’s birth charts and the

special day!

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Sample Charts

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Individual Chart



Client Testimonials

Loreli, Capricorn

Mary, Pisces

Monse, Aquarius

Sabina provides so much clarity and insight through her Astrology readings. I have utilized her skills for 15 years now. Her kind soul and listening skills enable her to truly understand people at another level. I highly recommend Sabina!

Sabina is a gifted star reader. She creates an environment that is safe, warm, bright, fun, and often times emotional.

I have been to four readings and every session has been thorough, deep, and full of insights. I cannot recommend her enough!

I felt like I had hit a wall in my job, but through an Astrology reading with Sabina, I was able to begin working in my dream career and am now an Anchor/ Co-Host on Fox Sports Radio!

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Casey, Pisces

Wedding Reading

Sabina created birth charts for my husband and me, along with a third chart of the stars on the day of our wedding. Her Astrology reading during our wedding ceremony was so personable, insightful, and unique! Our guests loved this special element, and we now have our framed Astrology chart as a keepsake. Thank you Sabina for helping to make our wedding so memorable!

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My love for Astrology began with my first reading in my early 20s, and I have been captivated ever since! I wondered how the Astrologer knew so much about me, even though we had just met. Over the years, this captivation has been accompanied by an interest to learn the practice that has helped and encouraged me profoundly in order to support others in a similar, life-altering way.

I began formal study in 2001 through the Transpersonal Psychology program at JFK University in the SF Bay Area. I have been studying ever since, more intensively from 2016-2022 at the Jim Sher Institute of Astrology and Metaphysics in Los Angeles.

I grew up in a religious household, with a minister father. When I was 19, around the time of Uranus's first quarter square in my chart, I left the church, and my journey of greater self-awareness and understanding of humanity began. In the subsequent years, I worked through childhood wounds and trauma. It was through a myriad of healing modalities, and exploration of various philosophies, that I gained knowledge and tools to begin my own healing process. Astrology was one that held much information in it, including many life lessons. I became more spiritual and philosophical in a Universal way. And my birth chart shows all of that!

I am not a psychic or a fortune teller. Ultimately it is through my spiritual journey, combined with practical knowledge of Astrology (and a bit of intuition!), that I approach my clients and sessions. Ideally, we are all continuing to learn, grow, and become more conscious as individuals and part of the collective. I believe Astrology can be a therapeutic (and magical) tool to assist in the process!

What is a birth chart?

What information do I need to create a birth chart?

What if I don't know my birth time?


An image...a mandala of the sky, displaying the location of the planets during your specific and unique time of birth!

Only your birthdate, place & time!

With only the date and place, a chart can be generated. In a day, the planets don't move very fast, and most likely they will be in the same location (with the possible exception of the Moon). The time affects the house locations and rising sign. In advance of a session, we can discuss and figure out what resonates most.

What is the process of a reading?

What is a wedding reading?

I provide a printout of your natal chart and explain how it is set up. We will discuss the planetary placement by signs and houses (areas of life), and see how they are inter-connected. These aspects may be experienced on various levels, which we will explore.

If it is fitting, I may recommend readings, practices, and other helpful tools to support your continued growth.

With the natal charts of two people + the chart of the sky on the special day, I create a tri-wheel chart. I write a report of the information revealed in the charts such as what brings two people together. A 1/2 hour consultation is included.

Upon request, I can recite the Wedding Reading during the ceremony, as an added personal touch to your important day!

Let's Work Together

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Readings in Los Angeles or Zoom

Birth Chart 60 min. $120

Transit Chart (follow up) 50 min. $95

Birth & Transit Charts 90 min. $150

Special Events & Group Readings

Gift Cards available!